Movie of the Week 06/06/16

TG4 really is one of my favourite channels. Not only do they occasionally show blockbuster movies with Irish dubbing with English subtitles so I can pretend I’m learning, but they also show old Westerns old the time. And this Friday they’re showing one of the best: Rio Bravo.

Howard Hawks directs John Wayne as John T. Chance, a grumpy, badly acted sheriff who must defend himself against a ruthless rancher that wants to break his murdering brother out of prison. Chance’s only help comes from the badly acted drunk deputy, a badly acted old prospector and a badly acted young gunslinger. And if all that bad acting wasn’t enough to contend with, Chance’s old flame has turned up in town.

Rio Bravo is an absolute classic. Despite it’s bad acting (it’s a John Wayne movie after all, but you get used to it fairly quickly), it’s a pretty damned exciting film. John Carpenter would later base Assault on Precinct 13 on it, and many other films would follow the same basic premise (including my own unpublished screenplay based in modern Dublin, Rio Rialto. It’s going to win Oscars, I tell ya!).

It’s a manly film that needs a manly stout to drink with it, preferably accompanied by the meat of an animal you hunted and killed with your bare hands. That’s manly! I guess… I don’t really know. I’ll probably be drinking Pimms with some Ritz crackers.

“Rio Bravo” is on TG4 at 10:05 on Friday night.