How to gain followers and influence people

This week we smashed through the 1000 Twitter followers barrier. Then we hovered there for a little bit.  And then we went back down to 999 followers.  Fame is a fickle mistress, it seems.  Still, it was a nice little morale boost for the few hours that it lasted.

We will, of course, track down the person who unfollowed us and thrash them to within an inch of their life.  And that’s to be expected.  After all, we’re a very petty bunch.   But regardless of this disloyal dog who will rue the day they crossed us, we’re really quite shocked at how many of you beautiful, beautiful people like/tolerate us.

It’s been an exciting first year for us here in Wood Key.  It’s been quite a journey from sitting in Andrew’s front room wondering how we go about starting a brewery, to now where we sit in Brian’s front room wondering how we continue running a brewery.  We’ve met so many amazing people who’ve had fantastic reactions to our beers and the support has been overwhelming.

We can’t overstate how important all of you are to us (except that certain someone we shan’t mention again) and as such we want to know what we want to hear from you.  We’ve got our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep you up to date with what’s going on in our world, Instagram to put all our pretty pictures up on, the website with info on our beers and stockists.  We’ve got a newsletter to… well we’re not too sure what we’ll put in that yet. Though you know it’s going to be awesome!

Finally, we have this blog.  We’re going to fill it with everything you never wanted to know about us, and more!  What more could you want?  No seriously, we actually want to know.  You made us who we are and we want to know what you’d like from us.  Is there a certain style of beer you’d like us to try?  Is there somewhere you’d like us to try and get to stock us?  Do you want to perform a duet on Simon’s upcoming album “Simon Croons The Disco Greats”?

We don’t want Wood Key to be a brewery you know of.  We want you to be part of it.  The next year is going to be incredible and we want it to be an experience for everyone.  Except that one person.  I’m sorry, I just can’t let that go.