Our Beers

Here we come to the important part: the beers!

We at Wood Key Brewing strive for perfection in our beers. We don’t always get it, but trying has got to be worth something, right?

From our award winning red ale, The Pilgrim (we’ll be milking that one for a while), to our collaboration ales with some of Ireland’s top breweries, we do our best to bring you something unusual (and hopefully something rather tasty too!)

And behind it all is the symbol of our brewery. A funny little man found on a 13th century pewter token, dug up in the heart of Dublin.

We call him The Pilgrim.

Have a look at our beer selection…

About Us

Brewing Up a Storm

Once every 1000 years when the stars are aligned, something magical happens on Earth. It was on one such day that a small group of guys decided to create Wood Key Brewing. The two events are unrelated. In fact, the first bit was completely made up. But it makes for a nice opening paragraph.

Born and bred in North Dublin, we came together with the belief that making beer was easy. And we were right. The problem was that making GOOD beer is a lot harder. But that didn’t deter us. Experimenting in a tiny kitchen until we could figure out what made a great brew, we soon came to realise that we were really on to something.

The company was set up in February ’15, but it wasn’t until June of that year that we launched our flagship beer: The Pilgrim. Ironically enough, The Pilgrim was the first recipe we came up with. We played around with different types of beers for months, but we always came back to The Pilgrim. And so it made perfect sense to launch with him.

Since our launch, we’ve moved forward in leaps and bound, spreading around Ireland and soon the world! Well, maybe not that soon. We’ll get there eventually.


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